~ Mrs. Wright's Classroom Tour ~

This is what you see as you enter our sea-themed classroom at the start of the year! Soon our two hallway bulletin boards will be full of student work!




  Reading Island is a favorite spot for growing readers! Hang out in a beach chair and read with a stuffed sea buddy! The bulletin boards in this area will soon be covered in reading-themed materials and class made charts!


This is our writing center. Here students will find various writing paper and supplies.


This is our main whiteboard. You can see our word wall above the whiteboard. 


The Splash Zone is our meeting area. You can also see our math supply shelf. The blue chart hanging to the right is our "Sea Star of the Week" board! The Sea Star displays pictures of him/herself and shares about a different topic each day during the special week. 


 In this picture, you can see part of Mrs. Wright's work area.
She uses the red table as her desk and also as a place to work with students.



  This is our standards board. Here we post what we are learning each week. It will also showcase student work that meets standards. You can also see our student mailboxes. Mrs. Wright's computer can be seen as well. There are no student computers in our room, as each child will have his/her own Google tablet to use this year! 


Here is a photo of our room as you enter. Each table is assigned a color. This helps us stay organized. Under the windows, you can see the cubbies that Mrs. Wright's dad made! 


Thanks for visiting our classroom!

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