~ All About Mrs. Wright ~

My name is Rita Wright and I feel honored to have the opportunity to teach your child this year! I truly love first grade because it is a year of substantial growth both academically and socially. I look forward to working with my new class!

Let me tell you some information about myself! I grew up in the Seattle area and attended a private Christian school for the majority of my elementary school years. In 1998, I married my husband Brian and began my studies at Western Washington University. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree at Western with a double major in Elementary and Special Education. During the 2002-2003 school year, I taught first grade in Everett, Washington before moving to Idaho. I went on to teach at Ponderosa here in Post Falls from 2003 until 2008. In April of 2007, I finished up my Masters Degree program at Gonzaga University with an emphasis in literacy (reading/writing instruction). I had my first son in February of 2008 and have been home as a stay-at-home mom since that time. I now have 3 children. Thomas is 6 and also in first grade, Madelyn is 4, and Nicholas is almost 2. I loved my time as a stay-at-home mom, but I now look forward to teaching again, as it has always been a passion for me!

My interests include teaching (of course), the ocean, writing, computers, spending time with my husband, and playing with my kiddos and our cat, Ellie. 

Thank-you for visiting my site! Please check back regularly for updates. :)

~ Mrs. Wright When She Was In First Grade ~


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